3U Media

Eight Key Concepts

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Key Concept Chart

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Media Conventions and Techniques

1.Read through the following PPT:

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2. Read the following article on sound and complete the handout:



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Political Advertising Analysis

Examine one commercial, in each link below.

Identify theĀ approach (issue, personality, or attack) and the persuasive techniques used in each commercial:

Conservative Ads

Liberal Ads


American Ads


On-line Bullying

Scanning is very high-speed reading that you do when you are looking for a specific piece of information. When you scan, you have a question in mind. You do not read every word, only key words that will answer your question. Practice in scanning will help you learn to skip over unimportant words so that you can read faster.

Scan the following infographic on On-Line Bullying and answer the questions below:

Online Bullying Infographic

  1. What group is the most likely to experience on-line bullying?
  2. Who are more likely to bully on-line?
  3. What are the most effective ways to intervene?
  4. What are the highest rated intervention strategies?
  5. What would make youth more likely to intervene?
  6. What worries prevent youth from intervening?
  7. What are the best intervention strategies?

Now, organize your answers into a informationĀ paragraph and post on your blog.